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jueves, 11 de febrero de 2021

ДахаБраха- Хмелева Project - ДахаБраха & Port Mone

"Khmeleva Project" was created in 2011 by the Belarusian instrumental trio Port Mone ( and the Ukrainian ethno band DakhaBrakha ( Solo works by both bands are well known and popular both in Europe and beyond it.

In 2012 the joint project released the album "Khmeleva Project". The Ukrainian event agency ArtPole played the key role in organization of the whole process having taken every effort to release the album. The album was recorded at Toyastudios in Poland with the support of the Polish independent label Hermetic Garage.

1. Kpyny 06:32
2. Vesnyanky 09:12
3. Dube kucheravoi 05:23
4. Vanyusha 10:48
5. Oi upav snizhok 06:54
6. Dyado 02:36
7. Yelena 05:47
8. Kryvyi tanets 06:11
9. Tonke derevo 10:42 

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