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martes, 18 de mayo de 2021

Ping Yuan - The Nangzhou West Lake - China

The West lake of China is a Lake, Poem, Painting. In the March one can see orioles flying and the grass growing around the Su Causeway and Bai Causeway while the peaches blossoms bloom and willows come back to life. Far away are the vacant mountains full of green trees and visiting boats on the shining lake. Walking on the causeway, you would wonder at the sceneries in front of your eyes and then melt into them.

The beautiful spots of the West Lake do not only exist in the spring but also in the summer when the lotuses in the lake bloom. In autumn nights, there are three lakes that mirror the moon. After the snow of winter, there are red branches with blossoms , orioles singing in the willows standing in the soft rain. Beauty and serenity can be found at the West Lake year round.

Our recordings use traditional Chinese instruments in combination with nature sounds, vocals, synth to create and integrate harmony and rhythm.
These CDs were created with the imperative of energizing the mind, body and soul.
Made with the utmost highest quality standards, these CDs are DSD CDs, which are superior in sound quality and instrumentation.

01. Spring at Su Causeway
02. Autumn Moon on the Calm Lake
03. The Cloud is Inserted in Two Pead
04. Lotus in Breeze Quyuan
05. Listening to Orioles in the Willows
06. Evening Chimes at Nanping
07. Viewing Fish in a Flowery Pond
08. Three Pools Mirroring the Moon
09. Snow on the Broken Bridge
10. Lei Feng Glow of the Setting Sun

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