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miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2022

William Ryan Fritch - Birkitshi - Eagle Hunters in a New World

For those that have followed the evolution of GoPro’s impressive video and film output over the last 3 years , William Ryan Fritch’s music will be immediately recognizable. From product launches, viral videos, heartwarming character studies to captivating short films; his music has helped punctuate some of GoPro’s most memorable stories with his beautiful, sweeping compositions. 

With Eagle Hunters in a New World, GoPro has forged ahead into new and exciting territory with the breadth of its film making and has partnered with Fritch to create a singular and engrossing sound world that underscores both the otherworldly beauty of Mongolia and the unique social and cultural changes that are affecting age old traditions and ways of life. Drawing its rich colorful sound world from both traditional Mongolian instrumentation and modern orchestration, the music of Eagle Hunters.. captures both the almost alien vastness of Mongolia’s landscape, still largely undefiled by modernity, and its jarring juxtaposition with the rampant growth and startling change its cities are undergoing. 

In its most ambient moments, immersive, otherworldly choirs and strings envelope plaintive and pastoral calm like unencumbered winds sweeping across vast plains. At its most bombastic, the rhythms race and rumble like beating hooves in pursuit. And in its most soaring moments, the music emanates an aura of the surreal grace and power these golden eagles display with reverence, awe and a melancholy of knowing the world they fly over is changing so fast. 

1.Bek 03:20 
2.Burkitshi 02:31 
3.Tending the Herd 02:12 
4.Goshawks II (Bonus Track) 03:00 
5.Aegil 03:05 
6.Distant Hooves (Bonus Track) 01:43 
7.Karakorum 02:46 
8.Gold Colored Foxes 03:13 
9.Gurts 02:12 
10.Qusbegi 02:42 
11.Sala Ensalaar 03:30 
12.Red Wolves 02:28 
13.Goshawks 03:01 
14.Scattered Flocks 01:33 
15.Burkit 02:13 
16.Tsingali 02:24 
17.On Strong Winds (Bonus Track) 02:38 
18.Descendants 03:36

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