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miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2022

Ifriqiyya Electrique - Rûwâhîne

Sufi trance musicians and rituals – from the depths of the Tunisian desert – in conversation with post-industrial sonics. 

‘No theatre or stage or audience. The rûwâhîne have possessed and contorted the bodies of the Banga. Teenagers leap to the floor, their legs arched and tense, glaring transfixed [while] girls dance wildly, … accelerating the rhythm of the hand percussion’ 

‘This is, then, most certainly not a “world music” project (still less an ethnomusicological one), but a wild process of improvisation and re-composition that brings traditional instruments face to face with computers and electric guitars… [My work] is driven towards elevation, sweat, blood, poetry and tears – not to some pretty colour postcard’ — François R. Cambuzat / Ifriqiyya Electrique

1. Laa la illa Allah 02:49 
2. Qaadrii - Salaam Alaik - Massarh 07:32 
3. Mawwel 01:09 
4. Zuru el Haadi - El Maduulaa - Maaluuma 06:34 
5. Stombali - Baba ‘Alaia 03:39 
6. Annabi Mohammad - Laa la illa Allah - Deg el bendir 09:15 
7. Lavo - Baba Marzug - Sidi Saad - Allah 04:46 
8. Arrah arrah abbaina - Bahari - Tenouiba 05:42 
9. Sidriiya 02:05

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