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domingo, 13 de junio de 2021

Gabriel Lee - Seasons - 1984

Imagine the quiet strumming of acoustic guitar, perfectly capturing the qualities of life and rebirth associated with the seasons of spring and summer. That's what you can expect to hear on Gabriel Lee's masterpiece of impressionistic guitar titled SEASONS. The nature-themed release is a showcase for the impeccable technique of Lee, which reproduces the subtle colors and moods of the early part of the year. "Spring Lullaby" is a warm, flowing piece that calls to mind that exciting time of the year when the first warm breezes of spring can be felt and ample buds are spotted on tree branches far and wide. Likewise, the serene "Cool Rain" is equally smooth and flowing, in this case echoing the pitter-pat of a tranquil summer rainstorm.

   1. Nature Cycles Variations, Pt. 1
   2. Spring Lullaby
   3. Summer Morning
   4. Summer Harmonies
   5. Variations
   6. Nature Cycles Variations, Pt. 2
   7. Cool Rain
   8. Blue Sky Interlude
   9. Variations 

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