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viernes, 7 de octubre de 2022

Dhafer Youssef - Divine Shadows

Divine Shadows sees the culmination of Dhafer Youssef’s musical journey over the past five years. This, Dhafer’s fourth album, consolidates ideas that have emerged through his three albums on Enja Records whilst introducing a new dynamic. Produced by Norwegian guitarist, composer and producer Eivind Aarset, and featuring music which has formed the basis of the group’s live concerts for the past year, Dhafer’s debut album for Jazzland displays a mature cohesion. Divine Shadows reveals the full potential of Dhafer both as a composer and performer, working with musicians whose creativity provides the perfect vehicle for his music.
Dhafer Youssef oud, vocal
Arve Henriksen trumpet, electronics
Eivind Aarset guitars, electronics, programming
Audun Erlien bass, bass balalaika
Marilyn Mazur percussion
Rune Arnesen drums, programming
Jan Bang programming
Oslo Session String Quartet
1. Cantus Lamentus (Dedicated To Arvo Part) (3:46)
2. 27th Century Ethos (6:06)
3. Miel Et Cendres (Dedicated To Mohamed Choukri) (5:16)
4. Wind and Shadows (7:38)
5. Odd Poetry (10:11)
6. 27th Ethos (Dedicated To Jatinder Thakur) (5:05)
7. Persona Non Grata (6:28)
8. Postludium (3:14)
9. Eleventh Stone (6:51)
10. Ivresse Divine (4:16)
11. Un Soupir Eternal (To A Norwegian Girl, Karen Steen Aarset 1931—2004) (7:47) 



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