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sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2021

Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Music from the Penguin Cafe - 1976

Penguin Cafe Orchestra fue una unión libre de músicos encabezada por el guitarrista clásico, compositor y arreglista Simon Jeffes (Sussex, Inglaterra, 1949-1997). Sólo Jeffes y la chelista y co-fundadora Helen Liebmann eran miembros permanentes y núcleo del grupo. Otros músicos se incorporaron debido a los requerimientos de piezas musicales concretas o de performances. Su música no puede clasificarse fácilmente, pero tiene elementos de la música folk y una estética minimalista con reminiscencias ocasionales de Philip Glass.

Music From The Penguin Cafe was the first album by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and was recorded between 1974 and 1976, and released in 1976. The line-up for much of the album consisted of the original Penguin Cafe Quartet: Simon Jeffes (electric guitar), Helen Leibmann (Cello), Steve Nye (electric piano), and Gavyn Wright (violin). Tracks 2-8 were performed by the ensemble "Zopf", which included the members of the quartet as well as Neil Rennie (ukelele), and Emily Young (vocals). Later reissues have mistakenly listed those pieces as though they were movements of a suite entitled "Zopf", instead of being performed by them.

The executive producer for the album was Brian Eno, who released this album on his experimental Obscure label, with catalogue number "Obscure 7". The original cover was by John Bonis. The reissue cover painting was by Emily Young. The album was later released on CD by E.G. Records in 1991 and later in remastered form in 2006 - both using the reissue cover instead of the original.

1. Penguin Cafe Single
2. Zopf From the Colonies
3. In a Sydney Motel
4. Surface Tension (where the trees meet the sky)
5. Milk
6. Coronation
7. Giles Farnaby's Dream
8. Pigtail
9. The sound of someone you love who's going away and it doesn't matter
10. Hugebaby
11. Chartered Flight 


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