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jueves, 31 de marzo de 2022

Estas Tonne - Bohemian Skies - 2009 - Ucrania

Estas Tonne' is a charismatic modern day Troubadour spreading an inspirational message of the new consciousness and paradigm whilst playing all over the world, delighting audiences from Americas to India, from the Middle East to Europe.

Born and raised in a former Soviet Union, Estas Tonne' studied classical music at the local music school. For more than ten years though, he put his guitar aside. ...His passion and love for music has been finally reactivated by the jazz-guitarist, Django Reinhardt. The inspiration he experienced, re-kindled a passion for music and a completely new and different path: The path of the Heart. Over a period of some years, the artist focused on specifying his guitar style. He has been travelling across the world playing on countless streets and hundreds of cities, at Festivals, in concerts and at different events. Many parts of the world, amongst others, the artist’s quarter of Montmartre (Paris) had a formative effect on his musical development.

The artist is known for his unique and remarkable guitar style by touching listeners deeply, especially those who witness the intensity of his music live in concert. Apart from the solo performance he's collaborating with dancers, musicians, clowns, poets, filmmakers and other artists.

Estas Tonne has been involved in various film projects as an actor, co-writer and co-producer as well as in countless theatrical experiments where he performed and improvised live.

1 All Roads Lead To Rome - Jerusalem 2:34
2 The Song Of The Golden Dragon 5:45
3 Bohemian Skies 7:44
4 David's Entry 3:32
5 The Winds That Bring You Home 8:23
6 Cuban Rhapsody 1917 5:30
7 Como Un Cristal 3:02
Vocals – Hanna Jahanforooz
8 Nayae 3:40
Congas – Yonatan Bar Rashi Vocals – Hanna Jahanforooz
9 Who Am I 6:19
Vocals [Poem] – Peter Moore Pendragon* Voice – Storia Time


Acoustic Guitar – Estas Tonne
Artwork – Natalia Natuka
Music By – Estas Tonne, La Familia Cosmica

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