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miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2021

Samite - Stars To Share

Landing on the Windham Hill label, Samite (having dropped the "Of Uganda" from his name several years back) offers a collection of songs inspired by his return to the African continent after approximately a decade of residence in the U.S. as a political refugee. The music is largely in keeping with his introspective folk style, but this time, several prominent Windham Hill artists make appearances, including Will Ackerman, Michael Manring, and Tuck & Patti's Patti Cathcart. The results are an intriguing fusion of African pop and new age whose sound actually leans more toward the latter.

Samite Mulondo is at once a refugee and a pilgrim, a wanderer with as many homes as his music leads him to enter. He sings in a bright, sweet tenor; accompanied by his extended family of thumb pianos and percussion instruments that have come to him at different points during his travels. His demeanor is austere and remote when he is confronted with strangers one-on-one and he is unclear about their motives. Yet, he is relaxed, open, and lovable when facing huge crowds from the stage, safe within his art and protected by his beloved instruments. Up close, the latter impression turns out to be by far the more accurate one, as he tells his difficult and inspiring tale with grace, warmth and wit.

1 Tindiba 4:19
2 Esawayo 5:52
3 Bring Back The Music 3:52
4 Old Man's Wisdom 4:00
5 Sala Endongo 3:47
6 Stars To Share 6:12
7 Cradle With Love 3:42
8 Having A Good Time 6:05
9 Siwa 4:53
10 I'll Be Strong 3:27
11 Mountains Of The Moon 3:40
12 Night Stories 5:41 


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