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domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2020

Lenny Mc Dowell & Cristoph Spendel Project - Autumn Breath

Flautist Lenny MacDowell is based in Germany, where he's an integral part of the local smooth jazz and new age music scenes, as a performer, a producer, and as owner of the eclectic and productive Blue Flame record label. Although some of his albums have a heavy crossover pop influence, MacDowell's primary style involves elements of ambient music, world music, jazz, and new age, combined in varying percentages from album to album.

1. Autumn Breath
2. Swinging Butterfly
3. Colours of Love
4. C. Cross
5. Walkin' on a Sun Side
6. Ballade for Two
7. Harp Song
8. Garuda
9. Six Silent Steps
10. Shikara

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