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viernes, 20 de octubre de 2017

Orchestre Les Mangelepa - Last Band Standing

Orchestre Les Mangelepa was formed in July 1976. Mangelepa extensively toured East and Central Africa and are known for their spectacular stage shows. A search for quality instruments brought the Congolese band Orchestre Baba National to Kenya in 1975.

However due to domination by members of the older generation in the orchestre Baba National Band, a group of young and vibrant members led by Bwamy Walumona, pulled out and formed their own band- Orchestre Les Mangelepa, in order to express a more youthful sound. Thus, Les Mangelepa, an orchestra that prides in quality ageless music was born on the first day of July 1976. The band quickly gained popularity in Nairobi. In the same year of the Band’s formation Jack Gerchun, an Israelite restaurant owner being impressed by their stage frolics accepted the band to frequently perform at his restaurant.

In the subsequent years they held performances at Garden Square, Alliance Club and also toured Kenya. However the band was never too keen to devote themselves fully to live performances and so they concentrated on practicing and recording music. To date the band has recorded more than 13 albums. In 1979, after Idi Amin’s reign Les Mangelepa were called to perform at Lugogo Stadium to establish peace and tranquility among Ugandans but shortly into the performance, the crowd became chaotic disrupting the performance. Being an Ochestra, Les Mangelepa is equipped with top vocalists, guitarists, Drummers, pianists and tenor & alto saxophonists. Having being around for over 30years, the band carries a taste of the past into the present while pressing on to appeal even in the future.
1 Kanemo 9:07
2 Malawi zikomo 9:59
3 Mbungu 9:47
4 Maindusa 9:21
5 Nyako konya 10:18
6 Suzanna 7:35
7 Mimba 8:48
8 Ma lilly 9:28


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